Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to cure Carlos-itis

Fellow Blogger Dan Steinberg wrote a blog yesterday about Carlos Rogers's Hands and why he can't catch a pass to save his life or our season. In the article Rogers and Smoot are both questioned as to why they have horrible hands and coach Zorn interjected his opinion as to what Carlos needs to do to fix the problem. Below are Zorn's comments from Steinberg's Blog.

Zorn: "...I don't think the ball machine's necessarily the answer....For him, he hasn't connected the idea of making the play and getting great position with just putting his hands up. Some guys can do it more naturally, [Rogers] seems to be a guy that has to concentrate, and so he has to become comfortable with that. And I think QB's throwing him the ball with the kind of velocity they throw it will help, because that's the real issue right there is the ball's coming in fast. Even if a ball machine is throwing it, it's always one speed, it's always in the same spot, and that never happens in the game. So that's really what I'm looking for, is other guys throwing him the ball."
Apparently Carlos needs QB's to throw him the ball at different speeds so he can learn how to catch. Now I'm not a head coach but that makes no sense to me. If you see a ball coming at you regardless of the speed you are either going to catch it or not. If Brett Favre throws a ball to his receivers in practice and then Kellen Clemens throws the same receivers a pass they should be able to catch both of them regardless of the QB's arm strength and speed of the ball. The fact of the matter is Carlos is a DB for a reason and if he could catch he would be a WR.

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