Saturday, October 9, 2010

Redskins cut Devin Thomas

Adam Schefter is tweeting that Devin Thomas has been cut. I don't trust a single thing that guy says but Holden Kushner from 106.7 The Fan is also reporting it and Holden is Legit.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

3-4 = 32

I just wasted 4 hours of my life that I will never get back. I don't even know where to begin. We just lost to the St. Louis Rams! We just let a baby face rookie QB and a no name RB tear through our defense like Haynesworth's fork at an all you can eat pancake special at IHOP. Enough is ENOUGH! This 3-4 experiment needs to end NOW!

We've been a top 10 defense 8 out of the past 10 years. Why change the one thing this team had working for it? Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that Jim Zorn and our swinging gate offense is long gone but at least Zorn managed to beat the Rams!

Shanahan or Bruce Allen need to step in and fix Deang... I mean Jim Haslett's defense.

May heaven have mercy on the Redskins next week when they face Vick and the Beagles.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleeping with the Enemy

What the hell is Dan Snyder thinking? If you want to win back your jaded fan base you don't do TV commercials with Jerry Jones! Don't talk about vacationing with your team's most HATED rival owner during the offseason. Would Obama hangout pool side with Bin Laden? Would Roger Clemens invite Brian McNamee over for Thanksgiving dinner? Would Dexter Manley invite Danny White over for Easter?


It's Dallas Week people.

This is the week we talk about the 1982 Championship game and Dexter Manley knocking out Danny White and making him cry.

This is the week we talk about how the 83 team boarding the plane to Dallas in army fatigues, ready to go to War and then beating them 31-10.
This is the week we talk about the 87 replacement players beating a veteran laden Cowboy team in Dallas on Monday night.
This is the week we talk about the hit LaVar Arrington put on Troy Aikman to end his career.

This is the week we talk about the "Monday Night Miracle" when Mark Brunell threw 2 amazing passes to Santana Moss late in the 4th to bring the team back from a 13 point deficit to win the game.

This is the week we talk about Troy Vincent blocking a possible game winning Dallas field goal and Sean Taylor scooping it up and returning it giving Nick Novak a 2nd chance to win the game, Dallas 19 - Redskins 22.

I don't know about you but I HATE the Dallas Cowboys and their fans and I HATE the fact that our team owner is sharing a Papa John's pizza with the Devil. This is the GREATEST Rivalry in all of sports and it's time Benedict Snyder realized it and stops Sleeping with the Enemy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It is Dallas Week

Well we know the final roster, how did Brandon " Speedy Smurf with butter fingers" Banks make it and Terrance Austin didn't? I hope this staff can be trusted to evaluate talent for present and future. The Albert Haynesworth saga continues to a degree, speculation of not trying in last preseason game and may not be active for Dallas week. Of course they are being disputed and Shanny said he is getting better now. I for one just want it end. I am hoping the regular season will end these discussions and performance on the field will matter more. Of course winning cures a lot of issues.

Enough drama! The Redskins are actually planning festivities this week for Dallas. I am ready for the season and tailgating to start. I am trying to keep my optimism under control but I feel the Redskins are an 8 - 8 team and possibly 10 - 6 with some GOOD luck! It is time to get ready Redskins nation!

Hail to the Redskins!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thats a wrap

Practice is over for the morning. Hope I did not bore you all too much...HTTR

Practice still going

Doing more 11 on11 work...first teams against seconds actual drives....1st team defense stopped the 2nd offense....1st team o on the field now and driving...cp continues to impress me this morning. Mcnabb to cooley is very popular...wide receiver is a concern so far to me

Last set?

I think we are in the last set of 11 on 11....dhall tweaked his ankle and the offense seems to be looking much better this set...

Quarterbacks are enjoying gold jerseys

A lot of pressure and a small pocket seems to plaque this offense already most of the pressure is up the middle for all teams and line combos. When given time team looks ok but Colt is not crisp today. Advantage defense....until that run by CP

First play after special teams drills...

Mcnabb intercepted by dhall in 1st team on 1st team play. Then a nice completion to cooley.

11 on 11

In the first and second team drills the defense won most of the plays with the offense having a couple of bright spots...biggest note is Devin Thomas is with the third team receivers for these drills

Offensive specialist drills

It is easy to see the qb's that have really played in this league when they go through progressions and reads mcnabb and even grossman look good colt and bartel not so much.11 on 11 now

Passing drills

The quarterbacks are looking good this morning only obvious bad pass was from Colt

No Malcolm Kelly

No Malcolm Kelly this morning and Devin Thomas had the only drop on the last drill....make that two straight drops for Devin.

Position Drills

After brief stretching and a couple basic plays they are in position drills now receivers are in front of me and quarterback are close by

No Albert Haynesworth

No Albert Haynesworth this morning. Rich Campbell is reporting he did not test this morning. It is still strange seeing McNabb in Burgundy and Gold

Players starting to get on the field

Players are starting to filter out Andre Carter and Lorenzo Alexander first two out. Rex Grossman and Casey Rabach first offensive players

Arriving at Redskins Park

I have made it training camp and there is a line to get in. I am really excited and hope to give good updates thru practice. HTTR!

Poor Little Jimmy

Hello Redskin Nation

I hope everyone has had a good offseason. I don't know about you but I'm READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! It's already Dallas week and in honor of that I'm going to post a commercial that some of you might have already seen.

It appears that little Jimmy has a problem and now the whole world knows about it. Why on earth would any straight male advertise for a Penis Enhancement product? Either "Mini" Johnson is broke from buying gallons of hair gel over the years and needs the money BAD or he really has a small Johnson. I'll let you guys decide.

Friday, July 30, 2010

This is fry guy testing mobile seems we have the rookie in camp but Fat Albert can't run enough yet...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feels like Christmas Eve to me

Well first things first let me introduce myself.

I am Lee Rice for those of you that come to the tailgates I was the one frying(hence the name) last season. I am glad to be contributing to this great blog so here is my first one.

On the eve of Redskins Training Camp opening I am very excited for the return of football season. The new regime seems to be running a better ship than the Vinny-Zorn circus and we have some bright spots to think about. Hey even Fatty Albert seems to be trimmer and ready to contribute. Unlike in past seasons I think the effort and physical play in the preseason will be very telling about the heart and direction of this team. No one on this roster has earned the right to mail it in this preseason. The idea of turning it on successfully in the regular season is not an option in my opinion. I am ready for the season and look forward to August 13th to see the new look and feel of this team. As well as seeing the new screens at FedEx.

Thanks for reading to the end and Hail to the Redskins!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Absolutely Worthless

I've been sticking up for Albert Haynesworth all off-season. I've called into numerous local radio shows defending the guy and I've also debated my fellow Redskin fans on various message boards. My argument on Haynesworth's behalf was that Sean Taylor, God rest his soul, didn't go to OTAs. He didn't even return Coach Gibbs' phone calls during the off-season but he always performed when it mattered. Shawn Springs would work out in Arizona during the Summer and always come to camp in phenomenal shape. Why can't Albert work out with his former trainer? Why can't he work out with the 1 person responsible for getting him into such great shape while he played for Tennessee? Haynesworth explained,

"to get me back to where I want to be, I need the serious training, I need the stuff that got me where I'm at."

Lets be real the work outs he was missing were "Voluntary". Who voluntarily goes to work during their vacation? I know I don't.

I gave Albert the benefit of the doubt and decided to wait and pass judgement on him once the Workouts were "Mandatory". Well that time is now and Albert Haynesworthless requested a trade the night before he was scheduled for a 6am physical at Redskins Park. No one likes waking up early but if I was being paid 100 Million dollars I'd get up at 2am and show up to work wearing a dress if my boss asked me to.

Everyone is saying that the Redskins either need to trade Albert or cut him but why? There is no way the Redskins will get any value for him in a trade or else that would've happened already. If they cut Albert then he basically gets to have his cake and eat it too. I think its time to put old Fat Albert on a diet. Don't give him a trade. Don't cut him. Fine him the maximum amount you can every single day that POS doesn't show up. If he does eventually show up to Training Camp then make his life a living HELL. Put him on Special Teams and make him run wind sprints till he pukes. He signed a contract and he needs to be held accountable for it.
I'm sick and tired of these Millionaire Divas signing long term contracts and then requesting a restructure Two years into the deal. The only way Dan Snyder should let that thief out of his contract is if he returns the money he stole.
If football doesn't work out for Albert he could always become a magician. He single handily over night made all Redskins fans hate him more then they hate Dan Snyder.

Monday, June 7, 2010

SportsCenter aka Jerry Jones Bitch

I haven't bothered to watch ESPN since they completely mishandled their coverage of Sean Taylor's death. As far as I'm concerned, Comcast Sportsnet is the "World Wide Leader in Sports" and they might as well rename ESPN to CYLN, Cowboys Yankees Lebron Network.

This morning I was hoping to catch the highlights of the Blackhawks beat down of the Flyers on Comcast but I missed it and it was 9:00am and time for an infomercial. I had no choice but to turn to Sports Center to watch the highlights. I turned the game off at 5-3 Hawks and I wanted to see how they got to 7 goals. I'm not a Blackhawks fan I just really hate all things Philly! I hate Philly so much that I put mustard on my bagel instead of cream cheese every morning. I had a feeling that the top story would be the Lakers/Celtics Game 2 and shocker I was right. I refuse to watch the NBA Finals until game 6 or 7 because everyone knows that the NBA is as crooked as a dog's hind leg. I was hoping the next story would be the Blackhawks vs Flyers game but I was wrong. Apparently Tony Romo qualifying for the US Open is a bigger story then Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals!

I understand that Football is god and hockey is maybe 3rd or even 4th on most peoples sport rankings but ... Are you F!ng serius?

I LOVE football but Tony Romo trying to save Par has nothing to do with FOOTBALL! The only time I ever want to hear Tony Romo's name during the off-season is A: when he unsuccessfully commits suicide or B: when his sex change operation is complete. Who the hell is in charge of producing this show? Does Jerry Jones give Chris Berman a handjob every morning to ensure sure that the Cowgirls are mentioned at least once in each broadcast? I willing to bet that Wade Phillips gives Alexi Lalas a reach around to make sure that the Cowboys are mentioned Saturday during the England vs USA World Cup. ESPN, do us all a favor and swallow first then broadcast the real sports stories.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's All Starting to Make Sense

Hello Everyone


I've finally been cleared by my Therapist to Talk/Blog about the Redskins again. After a couple months of shock therapy and lots of Prozac, I've come to the realization that last year's 4-12 record was in fact NOT a nightmare and it actually DID happen. Dr. New Castle and I have decided that I should compartmentalize the Zorn Era and treat it like when my gf dragged me to go see Leap Year. I love the Redskins but I will never talk about the past 2 seasons EVER again or that GOD awful movie that I was forced to watch.

There are countless topics that I've wanted to write about over the past 6 months but I didn't know where to begin, until now. You all know this Blog's affinity for Hating the Dallas Cowboys and all things Dallas, Texas so I figured I'd share an article with you that my favorite radio show discussed this past week.
Condomania, a world leader in condom sales and development, has just ranked 50 states and 20 major cities by average penis size. Why does this matter and what does this have to do with the Cowboys? Well according to the study, Dallas/Ft. Worth was the Lowest Ranking City by average penis size. On the other hand, Washington D.C. was the Second Highest Ranking City behind New Orleans in average penis size.

It's all starting to make sense now. I always had a feeling that the Cowboys and their fans were a little light on the loafers and now we have proof.