Monday, September 15, 2008

"Antwaan Randle El is not a Schmuck"

I know a win is a win is a win but the one glaring thing that I can't get out of my mind is how Randle El almost lost us the game. The Defense had stopped the Saints "High Powered Offense" for pretty much the entire first half but because of a fumbled punt by Randle El we were losing 10 - 9 going into the half. Later in the game, Randle El fielded a punt at the 10 yard line and juked himself out of his own shoes. He side stepped to his left and then collapsed into a fetal position. Let's be honest here we need a new punt returner. We need someone back there that runs North - South not East - West.

During Zorn's press conference today he was asked about using someone else to return punts. Zorn replied by saying, "Antwaan is not a schmuck when it comes to punt returns. I'm not down on him at all. We just need to get more production there. We've got Santana if we need to make a change there. We're going to talk about the situation. You'll see them both continue to work as we go along."

No ones calling Antwaan a "Schmuck" he just sucks at returning punts. Zorn may "not be down on him" but the rest of us are. We need someone back there that has the desire and the hunger to run that thing back. I don't think El has that anymore. A Punt Returner has to go out there with reckless abandon. He has to not care about getting hurt or taking a ruthless hit. Antwaan may have had that earlier in his career with the Steelers but I think he's lost it. I don't know if becoming our defacto #2 receiver has anything to do with that but regardless the reason something needs to change ASAP. I'm not saying Rock is the answer or if James thrash should go back there but the one thing I do know is that Randle El shouldn't be back there anymore.

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