Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carlos "I'm Scared of Footballs" Rogers recovering well after knee surgery

Damnit I mised it again

I've been a Carlos Rogers defender over the past couple of years and I'm glad that we drafted him back in 2005. Smoot left us to go play on the Love Boat and we needed another corner opposite of Shawn "I'm darker then Wesley Snipes" Springs. I was upset to see Carlos go down in that Patriots game but I'd rather not talk about it I'm still trying to block that Sunday out of my mind.
Rogers reconstructed right knee is apparently holding up well and he was able to play in last weeks Jets game. I'm happy to hear that he can run and plant and hopefully cover again but can we do anything about his hands?

Is there such a thing as finger transplant surgery? If there is I would be happy to give up a couple of mine to possibly help him catch a damn interception. I understand he's a DB for a reason and if he could catch he would be a WR but come on now man how hard is it to catch a freaking football when it hits you in the chest?

Can we all pool together some money to buy him one of those automatic football throwing machines for his backyard?

I have no doubt that we would have beaten the Seahawks in the Playoffs back in 2005 if Carlos would have held onto that Pick in the Flat. I thought I was dreaming last year when he finally caught an interception and returned it 61 yards for a TD vs the Lions. The kid was the 9th overall pick in the 2005 draft and its about time for him to start living up to his Playmaker persona and hold onto a couple of INTs. He can obviously do it unless this picture was photoshopped

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