Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life in this God awful town

I've been in Dallas for 24 hours now and I can't stand this place. I want to come back to DC now and I'm stuck here in Broke Back Hell till Wednesday. The people out here are idiots and I can see why everything is bigger in Texas. All these Bamas do is stuff their faces full of fried food and drink PBR.
I can't imagine why someone would want to live out here.

If I were to die and end up in Hell I think Dallas would be an exact duplicate of it. Everywhere I go it's Broke Back Blue and Silver. Last night I was at a local bar that had a Miller Lite sign that read," Great Beer, Great Team" I wanted to Puke when I saw it. I ended up sitting under the sign just so I could turn it off when no one was looking. The Bartenders apparently didn't think it was funny but they're just lucky I didn't rip it off the wall and smash it over their heads.

I've never missed home so much in my life but I know it'll be worth it Sunday afternoon when We Whoop On these Dallas Bamas.


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