Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thats a wrap

Practice is over for the morning. Hope I did not bore you all too much...HTTR

Practice still going

Doing more 11 on11 work...first teams against seconds actual drives....1st team defense stopped the 2nd offense....1st team o on the field now and driving...cp continues to impress me this morning. Mcnabb to cooley is very popular...wide receiver is a concern so far to me

Last set?

I think we are in the last set of 11 on 11....dhall tweaked his ankle and the offense seems to be looking much better this set...

Quarterbacks are enjoying gold jerseys

A lot of pressure and a small pocket seems to plaque this offense already most of the pressure is up the middle for all teams and line combos. When given time team looks ok but Colt is not crisp today. Advantage defense....until that run by CP

First play after special teams drills...

Mcnabb intercepted by dhall in 1st team on 1st team play. Then a nice completion to cooley.

11 on 11

In the first and second team drills the defense won most of the plays with the offense having a couple of bright spots...biggest note is Devin Thomas is with the third team receivers for these drills

Offensive specialist drills

It is easy to see the qb's that have really played in this league when they go through progressions and reads mcnabb and even grossman look good colt and bartel not so much.11 on 11 now

Passing drills

The quarterbacks are looking good this morning only obvious bad pass was from Colt

No Malcolm Kelly

No Malcolm Kelly this morning and Devin Thomas had the only drop on the last drill....make that two straight drops for Devin.

Position Drills

After brief stretching and a couple basic plays they are in position drills now receivers are in front of me and quarterback are close by

No Albert Haynesworth

No Albert Haynesworth this morning. Rich Campbell is reporting he did not test this morning. It is still strange seeing McNabb in Burgundy and Gold

Players starting to get on the field

Players are starting to filter out Andre Carter and Lorenzo Alexander first two out. Rex Grossman and Casey Rabach first offensive players

Arriving at Redskins Park

I have made it training camp and there is a line to get in. I am really excited and hope to give good updates thru practice. HTTR!

Poor Little Jimmy

Hello Redskin Nation

I hope everyone has had a good offseason. I don't know about you but I'm READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! It's already Dallas week and in honor of that I'm going to post a commercial that some of you might have already seen.

It appears that little Jimmy has a problem and now the whole world knows about it. Why on earth would any straight male advertise for a Penis Enhancement product? Either "Mini" Johnson is broke from buying gallons of hair gel over the years and needs the money BAD or he really has a small Johnson. I'll let you guys decide.

Friday, July 30, 2010

This is fry guy testing mobile seems we have the rookie in camp but Fat Albert can't run enough yet...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feels like Christmas Eve to me

Well first things first let me introduce myself.

I am Lee Rice for those of you that come to the tailgates I was the one frying(hence the name) last season. I am glad to be contributing to this great blog so here is my first one.

On the eve of Redskins Training Camp opening I am very excited for the return of football season. The new regime seems to be running a better ship than the Vinny-Zorn circus and we have some bright spots to think about. Hey even Fatty Albert seems to be trimmer and ready to contribute. Unlike in past seasons I think the effort and physical play in the preseason will be very telling about the heart and direction of this team. No one on this roster has earned the right to mail it in this preseason. The idea of turning it on successfully in the regular season is not an option in my opinion. I am ready for the season and look forward to August 13th to see the new look and feel of this team. As well as seeing the new screens at FedEx.

Thanks for reading to the end and Hail to the Redskins!