Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's that time of year again when all of these Bama @$$ Cowboy fans that have never even been to Dallas talk sh!t. I've received text messages all week long saying, "Redskins Suck. 'You're going to get your ass beat.' 'Romo is going to crush the Dead Skins."

The real kicker was a voice mail I got from an acquaintance saying, " Dallas gets No Respect. We're going to demolish you guys"
Was this retard serious?
Pasta Belly, The Swami, John Madden, Sports Illustrated ...all of these "Experts" won't get off Jerry Jones jock. ESPN and every other media outlet (except Comcast Sportsnet) are basically crowing the Cowboys Superbowl Champs and it's only week 4.
"This is Dallas' year." "They are going all the way."
"Romo and TO can't be stopped"
I understand these media outlets get paid to write stories and these over rated Broadcasters have to produce ratings but be some what objective and show the other side of the coin.
Respect is something that is earned not given.
Dallas hasn't earned Jack $h!t.
They haven't won a playoff game in 13 years.

Their QB can't even hold onto a snap for Pete's sake.

Wade Phillips has never won a playoff game in his entire coaching career.

The last time we played Dallas we crushed them 27-6.

Marion Barber was held to 1 rushing yard for the whole game.

Honestly what is there to Respect?
Your team is overrated and Dallas fans are just attention whores.
I have a hypothesis as to why there are so many Cowboy fans in DC.
I believe that all of these DC Cowboy fans were neglected as children by their parents and now they are trying to make up for that lack of attention by wearing that disgusting Broke Back Blue and Silver Jersey out in public.
I was at this past weekends Cardinals game and there was this woman wearing a Romo Jersey and all I could say to her was "WHY?"
Why are you here? Why are you wearing that jersey? Your team isn't playing here today. She didn't even have to respond I knew what the answer was.
I can only assume that her bf realized she was a fat disgusting whore and he stopped paying attention to her so she decided to come up to Fedex field and get the attention she was craving.
Do all us a favor and just move out to Dallas. We don't want you here. If you can't afford to move because we all know you probably don'[t have a job just pop some pills like TO and end the misery but get it right when you do it becasue he unfortanately didn't.

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ak said...

I concur.. Dallas fans are attention whores and they get no respect until they win in the playoffs...them bamas even get a bye, home field advantage throughout and they still choke...

"You are not mad at me... you are mad at your dad"..