Friday, October 17, 2008

Redskins Secondary a Primary Concern

Say it Ain't SO!

Fred Smoot - Groin
Chris Horton - Ankle
Carlos Rogers - Calf
Shawn Springs - Calf
Reed Doughty - IR

Shawn Springs apparently tweaked his calf yesterday late in practice and Smoot is listed as Doubtful for this weekends game against the Browns. Safety Reed Doughty has been placed on IR and Chris Horton missed practice with an ankle injury. If Springs and Smoot both can't play this weekend that means Leigh Torrence and Justin Tryon will see a significant amount of playing time on Sunday.

I know Leigh will be ready for this weekends game. Those of you that think last weeks loss to the Rams was Torrence's fault need to go jump off a cliff into a lake full of Piranhas. Leigh had perfect coverage on the WR but the ball was under thrown and the WR made a spectacular adjustment and catch. I GUARANTEE Leigh will be ready when his number is called but I have no faith in Justin. I'm still wondering how he made the final 53 man roster. Does he have naked pictures of Vinny Cerrato stashed some where? Did he kidnap Dan Snyder's dog and hold him hostage for a roster spot? Is he secretly Greg Blache's illegitimate child?

If the Redskins have to rely on Tryon as their Nickle Corner this weekend Heaven help us. If we can't get a decent pass rush on Derek Anderson this Sunday then Tryon will get eaten up alive out there. The D Line needs to step up to the plate and throw Derek Anderson around like a rag doll.

If anyone knows a Witch Doctor that can miraculously fix Smoot's Groin and Springs Calf please call them up ASAP. If we have to rely on this former track star turned DB it's going to be a long Sunday afternoon.

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