Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good but not Great

All last week the Media kept hyping up the fact that the Redskins were the only team in the NFL to not have an Offensive Turnover this year. Every sports show and news article last week couldn't help but mention the fact that Jason Campbell hasn't thrown an interception yet (he still hasn't). Various Prognosticators were ranking the Redskins among the top 3 of the NFL Super Powers. I was getting text messages, while I was in Philly for the Eagles game, asking if I could get people tickets to Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl. People were talking about us possibly being 7-1 heading into the Bye week.


Yes, we won 4 games in a row. Yes, we beat the Cowgirls and the Eagles on the road but lets be realistic here. We haven't blown anyone out and if you take away a lucky tip here or a missed 4th down there we could be 0-5. The fact that we were 13+ point favortites against the Rams was Ludacris. Mike Wise wrote an awesome article on Monday discussing how close we've been to failure in each of our wins this season. If you haven't checked it out please do. It puts this whole 4 game win streak into perspective.

The Redskins seem to play down or up to their opponents potential. Great teams don't do that. The Redskins are a good team but we're not great YET. Clinton hit the nail right on the head when he said,

"We've been the underdogs since I've been here. And we came out with fight every game we was the underdog. Win, lose or draw, we came out to fight. So for us to expect St. Louis not to come out and fight, I don't know how we let them shock us like that."

I love this team almost to a fault at times. I've been to every game so far this year. I was just as excited as everyone else about our 4-1 start but I'm also realistic. I have watched this team for to many years to assume that we would beat the Hapless Rams, Steam Roll over the Doo Doo Browns and Demoralize the Detroit Lions.

We're the favorite team again for the second week in a row and we're going to be the favorite next weekend against the Lions in Detriot but can this team win when it's supposed to?

Can they make that step from Good to Great?
I sure as hell hope so but only time will tell

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