Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No place like HOME

I'm finally leaving the land of steers and queers. I can't wait to get out of this miserable town. The only good thing about getting stuck in Dallas for this long was getting to see the local coverage rip TO and Jason Garrett a new one. I tried to send Jason Garrett a gift basket for not calling any run plays but he's apparently not listed.

Jason, if you read this THANK YOU for being an idiot and not handing the ball to Marion the Barbarian. Even if he would have gotten the ball he wouldn't have run against us anyway (see last years game stats) but it's nice to see your team implode and know that the Redskins are the ones that started it all.

I stayed up till 2 am Sunday night celebrating at a local bar with my Laron Landry jersey on watching all of the local news casters call TO a cry baby and a cancer. They were pleading for Jerry Jones to step in and save Tony Romo's psyche. Their precious QB apparently can't manage his own team and Pre-Madonna WR so big daddy Jerry needs to step and make sure the boys play nice again.

I hate to break it to TO but this is Romo's, Barber's and Witten's team. They were so focused on throwing the ball to you 18 times that they forgot who their real weapons were, once again thanks Jason Garrett. We're starting to board so my next post will be from VA. There's No Place Like Home


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