Saturday, October 25, 2008

Which History will repeat itself?

The last time the Redskins played the Lions, Detroit was obliterated by 31 points. Mike Sellers trucked over Kenoy Kennedy and Jason Campbell finished the game 23/29 with 248 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The last time the Redskins faced a win less opponent they lost to the Rams 19-17. The Offense turned the ball over 3 times and Pete Kendall made one of the dumbest moves of his NFL career.

History often has a habit of repeating itself but which history will it be.

Will another lackluster team regain its shine by getting its first victory against us?


Will we improve our overall record vs Detroit to 27w - 10L?

I guess we'll find out in 16 hours.

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D Bloss said...

i get all fired up watching the highlights from that DET game last year. Big one this Monday.