Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shaun Alexander a Redskin

Shaun Alexander is now officially a
Washington Redskin.

Why I have no idea?

Did Zorn forget that Rock Cartwright is still on the roster?

Why would we waste money on an old washed up RB that hasn't done anything in a couple of years?

Did we sign him just so the Cowboys wouldn't pick him up now that they lost Feliz Jones?

If we needed a RB that bad then why not sign Marcus Mason away from the Ravens practice squad. Mason would have been cheaper and he showed potential during the Preseason.

This smells like another TJ Duckett deal and we all remember how that one worked out.

Is that Moment of Truth show still on TV? If so can we put Vinny Cerrato in the hot seat and ask him what the hell he's thinking.

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