Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Injustice

It's been a couple of days since I've posted on here and I know it's Dallas week but to be honest with everyone I'm a very mad at the Redskins Organization right now. Those of you that know me know that I am friends with various players on the team and that I've gotten to know some of the guys pretty well. I almost wish I didn't know what I do when it comes to the behind the scenes aspects of Professional Football. It's both a blessing and a curse.

Everyone knows that DeAngelo Hall is the newest member of the team and that he recently signed during the bye week for peanuts. Hall will be receiving roughly $500,000 plus bonuses for 7 games of work. You can't get that kind of talent for that amount of money anywhere.

I was just as happy as everyone else when I heard the news that we acquired Hall. It's a long year and depth is key if we are going to make a run in the second half of the season. Springs hasn't been healthy since the Cowgirl game and who knows when Smoot aka Batman will knock himself out for a couple of plays. Hall is a two time Pro Bowl Corner that can make an immediate impact to this already Star-Studded Secondary.

The only "Backbreaker" about signing Hall is who are we going to cut to make room on the 53 man roster.

We could put Malcolm "No Show" Kelley on IR and finally stop playing the guessing game as to whether he will ever touch the field this year.

We could cut Shaun "Over the Hill" Alexander. We all knows he's going to be released once Ladell is healthy anyway so why not just do it now?


We could cut Justin Tryon the 5'9 mistake from Arizona State. Tryon is garbage and I don't know how he's still on the roster. I can only assume he has naked pictures of Vinny Cerrato performing unmentionable sexual acts on Dan Snyder.

What did the Redskins do?

The Redskins cut Leigh Torrence. Leigh had been with the Organization since 2006 and he played an integral role in last years Playoff run after Carlos Rogers suffered a season ending knee injury against the Patriots. Torrence had become a stand out on Special-Teams and an impressive slot corner. Various NFL personnel executives have praised Torrence for his intelligence, positive attitude and ability to learn. Various teammates cried and asked, "Why would they let Leigh go?"

Football aside Torrence was becoming an active member in the local community getting people registered to vote for the Presidential Election and working with various local charities to raise money for their just causes. Positive Role Models like Torrence don't come around often in today's world. The fact that this Organization let this young man go is AN OUTRIGHT INJUSTICE!

To lose a player like Torrence because the Redskins "Executive Vice President of Football Operations" is to smug to admit he made a mistake in the draft is inexcusable!

I understand football is a business and in this business you put the best players on the field to help you win but there is no way in the world ANYONE can say Tryon is a better CB then Torrence. If someone out there truly believes that then please contact me ASAP at fdacowboys@gmail.com. I want to sell you some Beach Front Property in South Dakota.

Torrence cleared waivers Monday evening and has been picked up by the New Orlean Saints where he will replace injured CB Mike Mckenzie. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and at first I didn't understand why Leigh was let go but I do now. Leigh was ultimately cut so he could make a bigger impact on a team and a town that needs him. He will get a chance to prove those NFL personnel executives right and silence all of the doubters out there. I can only hope and pray that the Saints organization realize what kind of a player they just stumbled upon.

"Take care Leigh and you will be missed." - FdaCowboys

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