Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bama Cowboy Fans

It's that time of year again when all of these Trash Talking Bama A$$ Cowboy fans come out the woodwork and try to ruin a perfectly good Sunday at Fedex Field. I'm so sick and tired of these morons that have never even been to Dallas.

We recently had an NFL day at my job and everyone was allowed to wear various jerseys to work. I figured I would use this day as a Sociology experiment and see if all the people I can't stand at work are Cowboy fans or are they just your run of the mill asshole. I decided to wear my authentic Sean Taylor Jersey that Coach Gibbs signed for me to the event and immediately as I walked through the door to my office I saw someone that I thought was a friend wearing a Dallas star on their belt. I proceeded to walk right past them without saying anything and made a mental note not to EVER trust them again. As the day progressed, I ran into 6 more Cowboy fans all wearing some sort of Broke Back Blue paraphernalia. I only knew 3 of them by name but I had passed all of them in the halls before and got a bad vibe from each of them. I just had no idea that the vibe I was a getting was my gut warning me that their was a closet Tony Homo fan in my midst. Approximately 30 people in my office wore their teams colors that day and only of them were 7 Cowboy fans. Either the rest of the Dallas faithful got to scared to wear their colors or they're to broke to buy a jersey because they've spent all of their money on their crack habit.

After the experiment was all said and done I learned 2 things.

  1. Don't ever trust anyone fully until you find out their NFL allegiance
  2. If you have an odd gut feeling about someone you just met odds are they are a Bitch A$$ Cowgirl Fan that's still in the closet.
I despise these people and some of you might say I'm being melodramatic but they are the enemy and always will be. If you see a Cowboy Fan tomorrow at Fedex Field say a prayer for them so that God may have mercy on their misguided soul.

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