Friday, August 22, 2008

Cowboy JOTD 08-22-08

A boy is wallking near Fed Ex Field when he sees a man being attacked by a viscious dog. He finds a stick and charges the dog without any fear. He gets to the dog, slips the stick through the collar and twists really hard, breaking the dog's neck and saving the man's life. A news reporter for the Washington Post was close by and witnessed the whole event. He rushes over to the hero and tells him he wants to put this in the paper with the head line: "Redskins Fan Saves Man from Imminent Death"The boy replies "I am not a Redskins fan." Perplexed, the reporter asks "what kind of fan are you?" The boy replies " A Cowboy fan!" The reporter decides on another headline: "Ignorant Redneck Ba$tard Kills Family Pet."

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