Monday, August 25, 2008


WTF happened?

I apologize for not writing about this sooner but I was hoping this past weekends game was a nightmare and it didn't really happen. I'm a homer and I love my team to a fault at times but I honestly think we have the talent to be a Superbowl Contender and but last Sat's game has made me question this teams heart.

I know it's just preseason and it doesn't count but Saturday nights game was a debacle. I almost wish I had drowned in the Shenandoah River Saturday on my god awful tubing trip just so I would have had an excuse for missing the game.

We were 3-0 coming into that game and we're still 3-1 but the fact of the matter is the 1st team didn't show up. The Offensive line was horrible and they didn't give Jason any time to throw the ball. The Defense couldn't get any pressure on Delhomme and when we blitzed a LB or a CB they would get their to late. It made being a Redskin fan downright embarrassing.

Campbell apparently held onto the ball to long but I find that somewhat hard to believe considering he didn't have any time to throw the ball. The Rockettes would have done a better job blocking for Jason then the "Dirtbags" did. I don't understand how a Joe Bugel coached group could have played that horrible. Jansen has looked like a revolving door most of the preseason and now he's hurt again. I love Jansen and he's one of the "Core Redskins" but if he plays like this in the regular season Campbell is going to get destroyed.

I don't know if the whole team was hungover from Friday night or if the plane got in late but they all looked flat. It seemed like the team gave up and half-assed it after Jason Taylor went down hoping the same thing wouldn't happen to them.

Preseason is a joke and it doesn't matter but you have to at least play with some kind of pride and heart but last Saturday night the Redskins didn't show any at all.

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