Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleeping with the Enemy

What the hell is Dan Snyder thinking? If you want to win back your jaded fan base you don't do TV commercials with Jerry Jones! Don't talk about vacationing with your team's most HATED rival owner during the offseason. Would Obama hangout pool side with Bin Laden? Would Roger Clemens invite Brian McNamee over for Thanksgiving dinner? Would Dexter Manley invite Danny White over for Easter?


It's Dallas Week people.

This is the week we talk about the 1982 Championship game and Dexter Manley knocking out Danny White and making him cry.

This is the week we talk about how the 83 team boarding the plane to Dallas in army fatigues, ready to go to War and then beating them 31-10.
This is the week we talk about the 87 replacement players beating a veteran laden Cowboy team in Dallas on Monday night.
This is the week we talk about the hit LaVar Arrington put on Troy Aikman to end his career.

This is the week we talk about the "Monday Night Miracle" when Mark Brunell threw 2 amazing passes to Santana Moss late in the 4th to bring the team back from a 13 point deficit to win the game.

This is the week we talk about Troy Vincent blocking a possible game winning Dallas field goal and Sean Taylor scooping it up and returning it giving Nick Novak a 2nd chance to win the game, Dallas 19 - Redskins 22.

I don't know about you but I HATE the Dallas Cowboys and their fans and I HATE the fact that our team owner is sharing a Papa John's pizza with the Devil. This is the GREATEST Rivalry in all of sports and it's time Benedict Snyder realized it and stops Sleeping with the Enemy!

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