Monday, June 7, 2010

SportsCenter aka Jerry Jones Bitch

I haven't bothered to watch ESPN since they completely mishandled their coverage of Sean Taylor's death. As far as I'm concerned, Comcast Sportsnet is the "World Wide Leader in Sports" and they might as well rename ESPN to CYLN, Cowboys Yankees Lebron Network.

This morning I was hoping to catch the highlights of the Blackhawks beat down of the Flyers on Comcast but I missed it and it was 9:00am and time for an infomercial. I had no choice but to turn to Sports Center to watch the highlights. I turned the game off at 5-3 Hawks and I wanted to see how they got to 7 goals. I'm not a Blackhawks fan I just really hate all things Philly! I hate Philly so much that I put mustard on my bagel instead of cream cheese every morning. I had a feeling that the top story would be the Lakers/Celtics Game 2 and shocker I was right. I refuse to watch the NBA Finals until game 6 or 7 because everyone knows that the NBA is as crooked as a dog's hind leg. I was hoping the next story would be the Blackhawks vs Flyers game but I was wrong. Apparently Tony Romo qualifying for the US Open is a bigger story then Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals!

I understand that Football is god and hockey is maybe 3rd or even 4th on most peoples sport rankings but ... Are you F!ng serius?

I LOVE football but Tony Romo trying to save Par has nothing to do with FOOTBALL! The only time I ever want to hear Tony Romo's name during the off-season is A: when he unsuccessfully commits suicide or B: when his sex change operation is complete. Who the hell is in charge of producing this show? Does Jerry Jones give Chris Berman a handjob every morning to ensure sure that the Cowgirls are mentioned at least once in each broadcast? I willing to bet that Wade Phillips gives Alexi Lalas a reach around to make sure that the Cowboys are mentioned Saturday during the England vs USA World Cup. ESPN, do us all a favor and swallow first then broadcast the real sports stories.

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