Monday, August 17, 2009

Napoleon Strikes AGAIN!

(The Axis of Evil)

This weekend the Redskins Media Relations department banned all tweeting, blogging and updating of any kind from the Training Camp fields. The only tweets or updates that will be allowed are from ESPN 980 and the Redskins Blog. Is it a coincidence that Snyder owns both of those media outlets? I think not. Reporters are allowed to report from the media room or the parking lot at the top of the hill but not from the field itself. Why Dan? Why?

This isn't Nazi Germany during WWII. I used to love SportsTalk 980 until Snyder bought it. I couldn't stand that the only sports radio I could listen to about my team was from a radio station that was owned by my team. I religiously listened to The Sports Reporters on my way home from work every day. Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin claimed they would still be unbiased and still "tell it like it is" but I beg to differ. As soon as Brian Mitchell was let go by 980, I stopped listening to anything that station had to say. Bmitch was the only one that had his own opinion on the Red Zebra Radio air waves and shocker he was fired.

I'm a long time 106.7 WJFK listener and I was really upset when they switched formats to sports talk. The Big O and Dukes Show was quite arguably the best radio show EVER and Mike O'meara is and forever will be a radio icon. I am however glad they switched formats because they can compete with 980 and offer an unbiased perspective. It's honestly a breath of fresh air from the slanted propaganda that the Redskins try and shove down our throats on a daily basis. Snyder even tried to buy 106.7 once he heard they were switching formats but thank God he wasn't successful in his attempt.

Napolean, I understand it's a business but why must you filter all of the news that is reported on your team. The truth will come out eventually. Just let the accredited reporters that you gave media passes to report the TRUTH. Stop hiding things from the people that cheer for your team. Contrary to popular belief Redskins fans are not mindless lemmings that will do and believe whatever you say.


C Hirsch said...

I just got into Sports Reporters once the switch over happened and they definitely still talk crap about the Skins.

FdaCowboys said...

You should have heard them before the switch. It was radio gold.