Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Momma Blache

Dear Momma Blache,

I'm following Momma Tryons example and I'm writing you this letter hoping that you can talk some sense into your son Greg and have him cut Justin Tryon. The experimenet is over. The 6 weeks of offseason training with Darrell Green were a huge waste of time. Tryon has already besmirched Darrell Green's name and now he's making Shane Falco look like Peyton Manning.

Please tell Coach Blache to stop putting him on the field. I'm really worried that the ACLU will start protesting Redskins Park for the abuse Justin has to endure on a weekly basis. I'm not sure if you watched the game last night. Heck I hope you didn't watch the game last night. I'm not sure if your heart could take it. In case you didn't, Justin was burned at least 7 times by a couple of WRs that will be bagging your groceries at Safeway in a couple of weeks. While we're at it can you also tell Greggy that Renaldo Wynn is 35 years old.


P.S. - I hope it doesn't take you 8 months to read this letter

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